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HAPPEN exists to bring the benefits of the arts to local communities.  Over the years we have delivered a number of projects across Bedfordshire that have explored the use of the arts in addressing social and economic objectives.

HAPPEN was set up in 2005 with funding from Arts Council England and Bedfordshire’s local authorities.  HAPPEN is hosted by Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity, the leading charity working with communities across Bedfordshire.

Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC) is the leading community development agency working across Bedfordshire, with a proven track record built up over 60 years.  BRCC believes that everyone should have the best possible opportunity to be involved in a thriving community, and to access employment, services, housing and the natural environment – regardless of where they live.  We work to achieve this through supporting local communities on the ground, as well as working at a strategic level with the county’s leading partners.

BRCC also serves as the Rural Community Council (RCC) for Bedfordshire, one of 38 RCCs in England working together under the national umbrella body, ACRE.


About Sally Annett

Sally Annett is a multi-media artist and curator/producer based in the UK.

Her work is concerned with the intersections between science, art and religion, focusing on consciousness through ritual, play, pilgrimage, contemplation, and language. She is especially interested in collaboration and postdisciplinary practice. Annett is interested in using the human body as an artistic mediator. Material artworks include photography, print, paint, performance and film, used in an interventionist manner. Annett exhibits and lectures internationally and was one of the London LASER speakers for 2014. Her current project ‘snakes and ladders’, (ACE), she has also translated into a Masters Degree in Intercultural Communications ensuring continuing academic rigour and examination of her arts practice outside her specialism. She is best known for her curatorial role working with Arts Council England (ACE) siting contemporary artworks in public spaces.

As a producer Annett has developed sustainable collaborative and curational projects; A founder member of the Silbury Group and Westbury Studios (1991), in 2008 she co-established FRINGEMK, Celebr8 and The Milton Keynes Cenotaph Projects with Gavin Anderson, delivered 3 international arts festivals, run project and exhibition spaces, and co-ordinated several ground breaking ‘world firsts’. Through FRINGEMK Annett brought 90 international artists and performers to the Eastern Region, in turn raising £400,000’s for high quality Art events and performances in Central Milton Keynes. Her work has been enjoyed by over 22,000,000 visitors and under Annett’s direction FRINGEMK was nominated for 7 regional and national awards in Arts and Business, including those in Branding, Community, Innovation and Technology. Having relocated her studio practice in 2012 to ‘&co’, Annett’s key projects are ‘Snakes and Ladders’, ‘Contemplation Seats’ and the Striped Van’.

Her main studio is based at &co and she co-writes with Historian Rowena Willard-Wright (English Heritage).
Annett is published by Foulsham.


  • I-create: Bedford Creative Arts/&co
  • University of Bedfordshire. International Business School
  • Arts Mark
  • AXIS web
  • The International Mobile Gallery Association
  • BASS/SocRel
  • Science and Medical Network UK



Developed by Sally Annett, Noumenon is a fully constituted, artist and curator led, not for profit, arts organization, which aims to facilitate arts, cultural and heritage projects, events, commissions, exhibitions, research and educational programmes.

Noumenon seeks to promote post or multi-disciplinary collaboration, engage and commission new works and enable artists to experiment, take risks and innovate as well as develop their professional practice in the real world and across diverse communities, allowing them access to new, high quality, arts experiences.

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