Art and Mind newsletter November 2016

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We’re delighted to learn that ‘Art and Mind’ has featured the Contemplation Seats project in its November newsletter.  Art and Mind brings together some of the world’s most eminent thinkers, scientists and artists to examine the way we experience and create contemporary culture. The organisation provides a platform for the public discussion of the vital issues emerging from that exploration.

We invite you to visit their website and find out more:

And below is an extract of the Art and Mind feature on Contemplation Seats:


Sally Annett and Bedford District Cerebral Palsy Society

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Arts Trail Fundraiser
Explore the Trail and Find The Perfect Christmas Gift

A series of exhibitions across Bedford Town and the wider region, Annett’s art works, linking public, commercial and private venues.
All artworks will be for sale and 50% of sales will go to Bedford District Cerebral Palsy Society (BDCPS)


An art trail across the Bedfordshire region, created by Sally Annett, in support of Bedford and District Cerebral Palsy Society.


By organizing a series of exhibitions across Bedford Town and the wider region, which will comprise a trail of Annett’s art works, linking public, commercial and private venues. All artworks will be for sale and 50% of sales will go to BDCPS.


BDCPS are a small local charity that serves families in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire whose lives have been affected by cerebral palsy and associated disabilities, often life-limiting.  They provide a creative range of projects to support the family unit as a whole, offering activities opportunities, information, advocacy and support. All developed to meet need and bridge gaps in service provision. The project’s aim is to raise funds for, and the profile of, the invaluable work that Bedfordshire and District Cerebral Palsy Society does at a time when public funding to many local organisations has been radically cut.

So many families rely on the services and help offered by BDCPS and we hope that it will create an exciting, beautiful and fundraising trail across the region for supporters, regional visitors and art lovers alike. Venues listed for the works so far include the lobby of Council Chambers in Borough Hall, the exhibition and trail will run from 4/12/2016 to 4/2/2017, please join us in promoting and supporting this project.

Host an artwork or buy a painting!

Contact information for BDCPS: @ CVS, 43 Bromham Road, BEDFORD, MK40 2AA
Tel: 01234 351759 – e:
Open this link to view a little of the magic of BDCPS


Disconnected – Broken Links in Britains Rail Policy

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Renowned railway author, Chris Austin will be signing copies of his book “Disconnected – Broken Links in Britain’s Rail Policy” at Ridgmont Station Heritage Centre tomorrow from 10:30am – 4:00pm as part of Heritage Open Days.

Free entry!

To learn more about Ridgmont Station Heritage Centre (click here)
To learn more about the publication (click here)


Website visitors remain constant

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So popular was the launch of Contemplation Seats that our project website crashed with over 22,000 hits on the first day!

We’ve been told that the project has already been a huge success with the website attracting over 140,000 hits since its launch. The online project has been accessed by over 3,400 visitors; with 50% of them returning on one, or more, occasions.  We are at present averaging over 500 unique visitor engagments each month. :)

We look forward to releasing our Passenger User Survey in the New Year to help us better understand who, how, when, where and how often people are accessing


Connecting people, connecting places

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10th September 10.30am-3.30pm Central Milton Keynes Library

Come along and explore the possibility of turning an underpass into a space of imagination and inventiveness in celebration of this iconic element of Milton Keynes’ urban heritage.

Artist collective RARA will be hosting a creative workshop in the event space of Milton Keynes Central Library on the 10th September 10.30am-3.30pm as part of Open Heritage Weekend.

Underpasses are a unique part of Milton Keynes urban design. This artist-led workshop will challenge ideas of what an underpass could be.  This FREE event is open to people of all ages and abilities. No previous experience is required.

The workshop is part of On the Verge’s ‘Underpasses, connecting people, connecting places’ project.  In 2017, ‘The Striped Van’ will be supporting On the Verge and Milton Keynes Gallery’s work as part of the town’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

RARA are a collective of architects, builders, artists, makers, writers, designers, enabling them to develop unique approaches to range of community based projects. For further information please visit:

If you want to find out more about the artist-led events taking place in your area please look at the On The Verge website


Community Rail Awards 2016

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We are delighted to learn that Contemplation Seats has been shortlisted for the ACoRP, Community Rail Awards 2016 (under Category 2B ‘Community Art Schemes: Renewable & Smaller Projects’).

Winners will be announced at the gala dinner and presentation evening in Southport on Thursday 29th September, 2016.

You can learn more about ACoRP here (


Sally Annett at NN Contemporary Art Northampton

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Sally Annett will be leading the contemplation as guest artist, at NN Contemporary Art Northampton, for Jan Uprichard:

From April 20th -23rd Jan Uprichard will be sharing the progress of the Archive of the Invention -Metonymic Time Machine at NN Contemporary’s project space in Northampton.  This will be a;

  • series of tests
  • experiments
  • trials
  • just giving it a go and seeing what happens


  • futile
  • pigheaded
  • stubborn
  • determined
  • obsessive

attempts to create a time machine that allows you to time travel in your mind using sound, colour/light and smell as triggers.

There are 3 threads to the work so far…

1. Future ~

A Video using the long running hospital drama Casualty as subject matter. The work uses clips from the build up to whatever mishap is about to befall the programmes’ characters to play on how we try to sense what might be coming next. Considering premonition or deja-vu as ways that we might time travel to the future in our minds.

2. Past ~

A series of abridged books in which I have noted down every time an author has described sound, colour/light and smell. I have used this information to make abridged versions of the books using only the text descriptions. I am currently working on versions of the books using only the sounds, smells and colour/lights, by-passing language.

  • A library of my research, showing my thinking around how we can time travel in our minds (and possibly physically too). Presenting books, texts, notes, etc.

3. Present ~

A series of experiments into how we can get into the right frame of mind to time travel in our minds, being in the present without looking backwards or forwards. Building on the idea of a Prisoner’s Cinema made from abstract images of light and colour.

On Saturday 23rd at 12noon and 1pm, working with artist Sally Annett there will be a guided secular meditation/contemplation accompanied by music by Alexander Scriabin, early 20th Century Composer and mystic.

You can find out more about the project at Metonymic Time Machine – An Archive of the Invention.

Or learn more from:

This work has been funded by an ACE Grant.


Contemplating what went on…

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We’re almost one month on from the successful launch of Contemplation Seats, and here’s a brief overview of what we achieved in the first week:

  • Train users now have 24 original artworks to contemplate on station platforms from Bedford to Bletchley;
  • Rail passengers can now access the project website and full trail from the comfort of their carriages – via a series of QR coded stickers;
  • Double-royal format promotional posters can be seen on station platforms;
  • A packed launch event, at Ridgmont Station Heritage Centre & Tea Rooms, with wonderful performances by Johanne Rae & Cheryl Frances-Hoad;
  • Submissions to our online gallery from both international artists, and members of the public – keep sending those images in folks!
  • New York artist Jonas Read showcases new work via our website;
  • Our project was featured as part of the 170th Anniversary of the train line in the ‘Bedfordshire Clanger’, on the London Midland Facebook page and as part of Rob La Frenais’ newsletter;
  • Over 44,000 hits on this website!!!

We’re delighted by the interest already shown in Contemplation Seats and are looking forward to the next 12 months as we continue to grow this project.

A big thank you to everyone who has sent in ideas, images and supported us in making this possible.


Sally A