Code Trail Bletchley Park

27th – 29th October 2016

‘Code Trail’ was curated by Sally Annett, for Bletchley Park, as part of its Autumn Half-term public programme.  The project offered audiences access to context driven, contemporary fine art; designed to expand and enhanced the visitor experience.

Mark Sibley exhibited the works: ‘01604440 – 1 – 5’,  ‘Inverse Reverse’ , ‘Bench’ and ‘On Computable Numbers, With an Application to the Entscheidungs Problem by Alan Turing’.  (A selection of  very large painted works and installations, which explored the fluid relationships between the real physical and abstracted ‘coded’ worlds, which are seemingly highly differentiated but are in reality expressions of identical states.  ‘Bench’ was created especially for this three day temporary exhibition.)

The works were sited in Mansion House, and Hut 8, and were open to the public between the 27th and 29th October, 2016.

Annett created a ‘Code Trail’, which used simple verse, coded in various ways, to create an exploration of the site; incorporating deciphering and making art collaboratively.  She also produced a largescale print, which could be completed on site during the final day of the exhibition (Saturday 29th October, 2016).  Additional workshops offered a contemplative somatic sound space, which presented visitors with an opportunity to sit and draw alongside various natural, coded and genetic music.

Above: ‘Inverse – Reverse’
By Mark Sibley, 2015.  Acylic on Canvas, 180 x 160cm.

‘Work that suggests: copying, doubling, reversing, diptych, binary, fold, digital colour, inversed’.


Access to all works were included in the entrance fee.

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Update: Featured (below) are a series of slideshows designed to give a flavour of events during this project.


Code Trail ~ Gallery 1 ~ The Exhibition

  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-7
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-6
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-10
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-11
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-8
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-12
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-9



Code Trail ~ Gallery 2 ~ The QR Code Trail

  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-1
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-4
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-5
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-10
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-11
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-12
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-19
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-15
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-21
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-9
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-7
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-16
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-6
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-20
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-8
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-2
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-22
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-3
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-13
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-14
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-13
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-18
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-17



Code Trail ~ Gallery 3 ~ The Workshops

  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-26
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-40
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-27
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-38
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-36
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-5
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-14
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-35
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-34
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-29
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-28
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-2
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-1
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-24
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-39
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-31
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-15
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-44
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-37
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-41
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery1-3
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-25
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-32
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-42
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-30
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-23
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-33
  • gallery-bletchley-gallery2-43



Code Trail ~ Gallery 2 ~ The Artworks

  • gallery-bletchley-final-artwork-6
  • gallery-bletchley-final-artwork-4
  • gallery-bletchley-final-artwork-1
  • gallery-bletchley-final-artwork-3
  • gallery-bletchley-final-artwork-2
  • gallery-bletchley-final-artwork-5


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