Bletchley West

The body, matter, the material, physical you, the fabric or stuff of life. The vehicle, the shell, the container, earth, air, fire and water ~ solid, liquid, gas and plasma, complexity.

The Contemplation

The body
The material, physical you
The fabric or stuff of life
The vehicle the shell the container
Earth, air, fire and water- solid, liquid, gas and plasma


  • How does your body feel today?
  • Reflect upon your physical self, how it has changed over time, what it has gone through.
  • Sit for a minute and feel the weight of your bones.
  • The blood and water flowing through your circulatory and digestive systems.
  • The air breathing in and out of your lungs.
  • And the heat that your form is giving out.
  • Sit with an awareness of these functions for a while.

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